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So, here’s my first post! I’ve been requested by a few people to start a blog, off the back of my Instagram page. I thought I would start by telling you a little about myself, so that you know what you might see on this blog!



I am an accredited and experienced BACP Psychotherapist (find my professional website here).  I run a private practice from my home, although I’ve worked in many settings previously from a Brixton GP surgery to a helping run a busy practice on Wimpole Street. My main interest is working with women battling anxiety and depression of any form. I run weekly ‘Mental Health’ lives on Instagram, where we discuss these topics in the light of my  professional and personal experience. I am often open, sharing my own story in the hopes that others will be inspired to do so too. Psycho-education is a big interest of mine as I believe that knowing yourself and understanding your own processes is a huge part of enabling change.


After a recent house move, I have discovered a hidden interest in interior design. I have found it both therapeutic and exciting putting our new home together. In fact, that is how this all came about! I feared my friends were sick of being spammed with screenshots of lamps, so I started an Instagram page to collate all my house inspiration photos. Then, one day I tentatively made my first story, and it all went from there! I got asked what my job was during my first Instagram Live, which led to people asking many questions about mental health. And that is how my Mental Health Lives were born.


I love to write, blog, muse through poetry. I’ve always written and have written many guest blogs and even a couple of published books! Please contact me if you’d like me to guest write for yours.


I also LOVE yoga, exercise, healthy eating and unhealthy eating. I love holidays and coffee and bright clothes. I love tassels and pom-poms and dancing around the living room with the kids to rap. I love supporting small businesses and talking with mums. I love walking through the Surrey countryside, getting muddy and messy. I love making pancakes and adding things to meals that aren’t in the recipe. I love speaking at conferences and speaking on the phone. I love Instagram and sending Whatsapp’s. I love breaking some of the rules but not all of them. I love wearing bright lipstick at inappropriate times. I love overdressing and wearing dungarees. I love sitting with people, hearing their stories and knowing that perhaps I can make a difference somehow.

Please let me know what you’d like to see on my page, or any topics you’d like me to cover.

Anna x



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