Transform the fourth trimester and beyond

Navigate your way through the first year of motherhood with Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur.

Glean life-changing insight around everything from mum guilt, boundaries and self-esteem, to anxiety, relationship shifts, tiredness and much, much more.

Packed with expert advice and actionable tips to help transform the fourth trimester and beyond

What is The Happy New Mums Guide?

Do you want less guilt, self-questioning and worry, and more rest, confidence and headspace?

Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur brings bitesize videos, audios and journal prompts to help you thrive mentally & emotionally in motherhood. For mums of under 1’s.

Make space for more happiness, more support and more confidence.

The Happy New Mums Guide:

For £35 (or £20 each for parts 1 or 2) enjoy:

  • 30 videos by Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur ranging from 5-10 minutes in length. Subtitles and audio versions available (split between parts one and two.)
  • 3 audio pep talks for moments of need (Part two)
  • Optional journal prompts to help you explore the topics further (Part two)
  • A list of helpful contacts (Parts one and two)
  • Six months access to the guide.

The Happy New Mum Guide Topics

Part One

Hear about Anna’s experience as a Psychotherapist and mother. The reasons behind why we are so passionate about The MotherMind Way, how it works and how to make the most of it.

An opportunity to consider how you are – how you really are. Exlore self-worth and self-esteem and why they matte. Reflect on what you want from the course. Less guilt? More confidence? 

Go on a whistle-stop tour of what anxiety is and why mothers might experience more of it. Touch on health anxiety, intrusive thoughts, birth trauma, and gather a toolkit to help. 

Why we don’t need to accept guilt as ‘just a part of motherhood’. Discover life-changing ways to deal with guilt to reclaim more headspace and healthier self-confidence

A list of helpful contacts for those seeking support.

Part Two

A chance to think about what makes you feel like yourself, and how to harness that in motherhood.. Enjoy feeling validated, strengthened and more aware of comparison.

Discover the absolute importance of self-care in motherhood. Be empowered to arm yourself against burnout and critical inner chatter, and find ways to rest when you can’t!

Opening up can be tough but here’s why it’s fundamental to good mental health in motherhood and how to do it! Gain confidence with building boundaries and lightening the motherload.

Benefit from three audio pep talks taken directly from Anna’s book ‘Mind Over Mother – Every mum’s guide to worry and anxiety in the first years’.

Our journal guides offer helpful thinking points and questions, should you want to explore each video topic further.

A list of helpful contacts for those seeking support.

Get ready for lightbulb moments

As you find your guilt, shame, self-criticism, exhaustion and comparison ease, you make space for more happiness, more support and more confidence. And who, who amongst us, wouldn’t benefit from more of those things?

Anna believes that whilst guilt, worry, anxiety, self-questioning, burnout (and more) are overwhelmingly common in motherhood, you do not have to accept them as your normal. Anna helpfully and compassionately touches on taboo topics of rage, resentment, trauma and intrusive thoughts.

As Anna supports you in reshaping the way you feel about rest and self-care, you’ll begin to see how important, and possible it is to move your way up your own list of priorities, back to where you belong.

Who is Anna?

Psychotherapist and passionate Psycho-educator with experience working in GP surgery, private practice and various charities. Speaking, running workshops and writing regularly on topics around maternal mental health, anxiety, depression and advising on general mental wellbeing (e.g. people pleasing, emotional resilience internal dialogue, self-care)

Accreditation with the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2011

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2011

Post Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2010

Undergraduate Degree in Social Psychology – Loughborough University 2004-2007

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