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Passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room Anna Mathur is widely celebrated for her accessible mental health advice and the light- bulb moments which she offers across her platforms, details of which you’ll find listed below.

Benefit from Anna’s support

Passionate about taking therapy out of the therapy room Anna Mathur is widely celebrated for her accessible mental health advice and the light- bulb moments which she offers across her platforms including, Instagram @annamathur 189k, best selling books, popular podcast The Therapy Edit (hurtling towards 2m downloads) and the resources available in the Anna Mathur Toolkit.

Often told through her own experiences, Anna has a unique approach to mental health, whether it’s providing advice on anxiety, coping with overwhelm or encouraging self-worth.

Social Media

Anna shares daily, supportive and thoughtful insights on her instagram page @annamathur. She currently has circa 189k followers (Feb 2023) and chats regularly to her followers via posts, poetry, reels, lives and stories, discussing topics in the light of her professional and personal experience.

Psycho-education is a big passion of Anna’s as she believe that knowing yourself and understanding your thoughts and feelings is a huge part of enabling change.

Broadcast Media

Whether on the News speaking on a panel, contributing to documentary or sharing quick yet helpful insights on a radio show, Anna is gaining increased experience in broadcast media.

Recent experience includes:

Sky News

Steph’s Packed Lunch

Good Morning Britain

PA Media – Dealing with coronavirus anxiety

BBC Three – Tiredness, Tears and Tantrums

TBN UK – Soul Tears

Talk Radio Drive Time

Dubai Eye Radio


Anna has always enjoyed writing, both professionally but also creatively and therapeutically. Over the last few years she has contributed valuable insights to many books, press or brands on all things mental health and mental wellbeing.

Recent titles include:




Marie Claire



Mother and Baby

The Telegraph

The Sun

Daily Mail

The Sun Fabulous


Take a Break

Courses and Webinars

Anyone can download Anna’s online courses, almost all of which are priced at just £12! Ranging from topics on Anxiety and self-esteem, to a webinar course supporting mums of young children during the global pandemic (viewed by over 10,000 mums).

Sofa sessions are a series of bi-weekly, one hour long webinars approaching different topics and answering questions. They are then available to download afterwards. Anna is always thinking of different ways to support the emotional needs of women.


Anna’s debut book ‘Mind over Mother – Every mum’s guide to worry and anxiety in the first years’ flew into the Times Best Seller list and sat there for a couple of weeks. Regularly sitting in the top ten of various Amazon Charts, the reviews have expressed gratitude at the powerful words within it. Her second book ‘Know Your Worth’ was also a Sunday Times Best Seller.

Her third book, The Little Book of new mum feelings was released to an army of grateful mums in May of 2022. This comprehensive A-Z covers everything from baby blues and anxiety to guilt, insomnia, stress, your inner critic and maintaining friendships.

Anna’s fourth book Raising a Happier Mother is all about How to Find Balance, Feel Good and See Your Children Flourish as a Result.

Speaking engagements

Whether it’s sharing implementable tips via Instagram reels to a brand’s community, or conducting a webinar on overwhelm to 1000 people, Anna is a passionate, warm and articulate communicator.

Recent experience includes:

Marie Claire Panel on ‘Role Models’ in aid of Mothers to Mothers.

Elvie Panel at live event, and via social media Instagram live discussing various maternal mental health topics

FatFace series of Instagram lives

Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mummy Happy Baby Event on Postnatal anxiety

Binky Felstead’s Mummy Tribe retreats discussing various postnatal mental health topics

The Baby Show Panel hosted by Neev Spencer discussing postnatal mental health

Corporate Speaking

Anna is getting an increasing number of requests for corporate speaking roles. The way she presents insight and techniques to address anxiety, overwhelm, stress, resilience can positively impact both staff personal wellbeing, and the wider dynamic of a team.

She has worked with CEO’s and managerial staff on a 1-2-1 level in clinical settings, and is now enjoying delivering seminars of various sizes. From small groups of five, to empowering and equipping a team of 200 store managers, get in touch to arrange a phone call on how she may help you as you support your staff.


Anna’s own podcast ‘The Therapy Edit‘ offers ten minute episodes, they are like little ‘espresso shots of therapeutic insight’. With around a quarter of a million downloads (Jan 2021), and sitting comfortably in the Amazon and Spotify charts, there is a new series in the pipeline!

Anna also loves speaking with other podcasters. Recent experience includes:


  • Limitless Em
  • The Secret to Happiness with Vicky Pattinson
  • Dirty Mother Pukka
  • Good Inside with Dr Becky

These courses aren’t just a wealth of professional and personal insight, these concepts have changed my own life and I feel confident that they will benefit you too. Have a read through the course information and reviews and drop me an email if you have any further questions.

Enjoy a powerful, one-hour sessions focussing on different topics. Grab a cosy spot on the sofa (or even in the bath!) and expect to be encouraged and equipped as Anna shares her professional and personal insight. Please note, these sessions were recorded live, so expect the occasional doorbell or cat meow!
A powerful three-week, self-guided, interactive course designed to help you reframe your anxiety. Suitable for anyone experiencing any level of anxiety.
The People-Pleasing Course addresses people-pleasing, sense of self, identity and perfectionism. It’s designed to strengthen your voice and equip you in growing in confidence.
The Week on Worth Course challenges everything you have been taught to believe about what makes you worthy of love and good things. It aims to help you develop healthy, life-changing, self-esteem from the bottom up.
The Happy New Mums Guide is a guide focussed entirely on you. We aren’t here to tell you how to manage routine, or which way to wean. We nurture, support and equip you in navigating the emotions that come with motherhood in the healthiest, most affirming and fulfilling way possible.  Through warm and easy to listen to videos, audios and optional journal prompts, Psychotherapist, and mum of three, Anna Mathur, provides you with a wealth of advice and tools to help you thrive.
Welcome Psychotherapist & Mum of 3 Anna into your living room as she shares tips, tools and techniques to support you through the common challenges that come with navigating early motherhood during a global pandemic. The four hour-long video sessions cover a wide range of topics, from mum guilt and loneliness, through to intrusive thoughts and feeling touched-out, overwhelmed and under-supported.


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My monthly newsletter full of thoughts, tips and recommendations to inspire and encourage you through parenthood and sometimes an discount for one of my courses.

Let’s keep in touch

My monthly newsletter full of thoughts, tips and recommendations to inspire and encourage you through parenthood and sometimes an discount for one of my courses.