“Wow. Just Wow. Thank you Anna…I felt like you were talking directly to me.”

Overwhelm & Burnout

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out? You know you need rest, but there isn’t the time. You know you need to slow down, but you can’t.

Join me for an hour long, interactive sofa session on overwhelm and burnout. I will be sharing both professional and personal tips and insights.

Practical tips and lightbulb moments

The Overwhelm & Burnout Sofa Session:

  • 1hr 4 minute video
  • Packed with practical tips and light bulb moments
  • Based on grounded psychotherapeutic insight, clinical work and anecdotal experience

Get ready for lightbulb moments

Can we have a blurb here?

Who is Anna?

Psychotherapist and passionate Psycho-educator with experience working in GP surgery, private practice and various charities. Speaking, running workshops and writing regularly on topics around maternal mental health, anxiety, depression and advising on general mental wellbeing (e.g. people pleasing, emotional resilience internal dialogue, self-care)

Accreditation with the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Masters in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2011

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2011

Post Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Regent’s College London 2010

Undergraduate Degree in Social Psychology – Loughborough University 2004-2007

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