Navigating tough times - pay what you can afford

Benefit from an interactive, therapeutic hour with Psychotherapist, Anna Mathur. Receive supportive insights, compassionate encouragement and psychologically-grounded tools to help you navigate tough times.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or are you struggling in motherhood?

Benefit from a therapeutic hour of compassionate support and advice from Psychotherapist Anna Mathur.

In this 50 minute session, pay what you can afford session, Anna will answer as many of your questions as possible, sharing therapeutic tools, insights and encouragement for Mums ‘In the thick of it’.


All session times and dates can be found below. They are a pay what you can afford session – choose your price from the dropdown.

Upon purchase you will receive a PDF download with the zoom link for your chosen session. We will also email you closer to the time with the link.

Tuesday 4th June

Join Anna on Tuesday 4th June 2024 at 7:30pm for a Mums in the Thick of it session.

Join Anna on Thursday 20th June 2024 at 1pm for a Mums in the Thick of it session.

Mums in the thick of it

This session is for mums who feel like they’re ‘in the thick of it’.

Whether you’re caring for an elderly parent whilst mothering children, navigating neurodivergent parenting, or are gritty-eyed with baby-induced sleep-deprivation, come and absorb some nurturing, therapeutic words and advice to encourage and equip you.

Webinar Details

How will the webinars be delivered?

This webinar will be delivered by Zoom. Participants will have their cameras and microphones off so you can relax at home, listen in on a walk or watch alongside your children.

Can I ask questions?

Feel free to type your questions into the box, and Anna will respond to as many as possible, ensuring that my answers benefit the broader group.

Will the session be recorded?

The session will not be recorded.

You will feel supported, empowered and equipped in these 50 minute sessions. Anna will share therapeutic insights in response to attendee questions that will benefit those journeying through tough, stressful or challenging times in motherhood.

Who is Anna?

Anna has been practicing Psychotherapy clinically for ten years. She has worked in a variety of contexts, from GP surgery to a Harley Street District practice. She also works outside of the therapy room offering psychoeducation through writing and speaking in corporate and public settings.

Anna is hugely passionate about equipping people with the techniques, insights and encouragement required to ‘unstick’ areas in which they feel stuck, and to implement lifelong change. Trained in numerous psychotherapeutic modalities (psychodynamic, humanistic and existential), her style is compassionate, comforting and challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the sessions are only run live and will not be recorded. This is to enable the session to feel like as safe an environment as possible.

Sessions will not be recorded or available for replay.

No. The webinar style of the session means that you will not be visually seen or vocally heard. You can ask your questions via the comments box within the Zoom window.

The link will arrive via email upon receipt of payment.

No, you can sign up to one, or all of them! It’s entirely up to you.

Your purchase can be transferred to a future session if you let us know outside of 48 hours, otherwise sessions are non-refundable.

Due to the session length and the varied numbers of attendees, Anna may not get round to answering your specific question. However, she will be very mindful of the questions coming in, and will ensure that she answers each question in a way that will benefit as many of the wider group as possible.

We don’t recommend this group for urgent, pressing questions. If you have urgent therapeutic need, please speak with a healthcare professional and visit the helpful contacts section. Alternatively, Anna does offer a limited number of 1-2-1 sessions.

Webinar spaces are limited

Book yours today to secure 50 minutes of grounding therapeutic support.

Terms and Conditions: Sessions are non refundable

If you have any questions please contact Kate: kate@annamathur.com

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