Maybe it’s hard because it’s hard

Mother holding a child

If you’re finding life, the struggle with the juggle, the rollercoaster… hard, it’s so easy to slip into a feeling of failure. To be blaming yourself for not keeping all of the balls in the air, shaming yourself for finding it tough when in many ways you feel very lucky. I wanted to share with […]

Practical Ways to Protect your Mental Health in Isolation

You only have to glance the aisles of the supermarkets to know that people have been considering the practicalities of being isolated in their own homes. But how do we address the impact that isolation will have on our mental health? Understandably, there is a lot of fear, trepidation and anxiety around the uncertainty of […]

I’m sick of it! The fear of vomiting and how to address it

Me: ‘ I can’t stand people being sick’ Someone else: ‘yeah, nobody likes people being sick’  But does everyone else.. Wake with a racing heart after repeated nightmares about vomiting? Replay historic sickness scenarios through their minds like unwelcome horror films? Experience a sharp rise of panic when someone coughs loudly on a train? Feel […]

My Reframing Anxiety Course LAUNCHES!

A powerful three-week, self-guided, interactive course designed to help you reframe your anxiety. Suitable for anyone experiencing any level of anxiety. (Find it here) After months of kid’s naptimes, weekends and evenings spent hunched over a laptop pouring out everything I know about a topic that sets my heart on fire. Writing down all I’ve learnt […]

Take your space – A poem

'You are enough' handwritten on paper

A string of ‘sorry’ falling from my lips, An unconsidered reflex, For brushing your leg with my bag as I walked by. A single seat left on the tube, Tired legs and pregnant bump ignored, By myself but not by others, Standing resolute, A teen with a confident swagger collapses into space I didn’t claim. […]

Am I a real mum or not?

Last year, after a morning of hasty Christmas shopping, we sat down at a hectic, over full Wagamama table. The four of us, dogeared, whining and hangry. In walked a Boden advert. A family of four, with children a similar age to ours, dressed impeccably in Breton stripes and polo shirts. The mum and the […]

The other side of tidy

Vacuuming up glitter from a rug

My house is tidy. Pretty much always, generally tidy. (I am having to claw my fingers in order to stop writing ‘I’m sorry’) Obviously there are pockets of chaos when the kids have just emptied the toys everywhere, or the husband has been at the kitchen, but generally, my house is fairly neat. Through instagram, […]

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