5 Things…to reassure new mums about difficult thoughts

Naomi Law is a Psychology researcher and mum of 2 boys. She is passionate about women knowing they are not alone, and aren’t failing, when they struggle with difficult thoughts about motherhood. After publishing peer reviewed research about negative thoughts in new mums, she wanted to share her affirming and shame-reducing insights with us! What […]

5 tips to take you from exhausted to energised

By Wilma Macdonald @_maverickmotherhood. “You’re a mum now, that’s just the way it is. We’re all tired.” A note from Anna: I kind of knew it before, cognitively, but this past year it has truly sunk in that I need energy for far more than running after the kids. I need energy to laugh, to […]

5 things about Pelvic Health

By Clare Bourne @clarebournephysio A note from Anna: Never had I met someone so passionate about pelvic health that they carry a model pelvis in their handbag at all times. When I first met Clare, I thought ‘wow, if she is so evangelical about the pelvic floor, perhaps I need to listen up!’ Looking after […]

5 Things To… Improve Communication With Your Partner

  By Catherine Topham Sly @insightandconnection A note from Anna: Amidst the challenges of the last year, investing in our relationships with our partners may have slid down the list of priorities. In our household, we often have to remind ourselves that we are on the same team as we find ourselves bickering or feeling […]

5 things to…stop people pleasing

Stop people pleasing getting in the way of your dreams 5 Things Guest Submission by Joy Jewell @self.hood A note from Anna: As someone who has struggled under the immense and relentless pressure of pleasing others, I am incredibly passionate about encouraging people to address this as a gift for themselves. Joy brings us some […]

Home Learning with ease and without pressure

More Enjoyment – Less Pressure 5 Things Guest Submission by @enchantednanny A note from Anna: I count myself privileged to call The Enchanted Nanny a friend having handed tiny Florence over to her care almost two years ago whilst I spoke to a group of mums about post natal anxiety. Danielle has had my three […]

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