Reviews from the Week on Worth course students


Tired Mum of a teenager and tween, who prioritises and values everyone else above myself. (verified owner)  

I have been waiting for the week on worth course to come out for a couple of weeks. And now I have it! On the first skim read, so much of it is leaping out. Shouting out at me. Reassuring me. Encouraging me. I’m so grateful to Anna for producing this. And to myself, for taking the time to do this. To print it. To write and journal. There are practical activities and things to think about and notice. As a side note, I work in HR and marketing so I know how much effort goes into making a course so well laid out, simple looking and accessible. It feels like something that I’m going to spend time sitting with, reflecting on and working with. I will be recommending this to so many knackered, brain tired women that I know, who deserve to recognise their worth and be comfortable with it.

Working Mum (verified owner)  

This bite sized course has been totally liberating for me. Remembering to value my worth, and therefore give myself time each day to read each chapter, has in itself reset by beliefs. Too often we put up barriers to change – to investing in ourselves. I was totally guilty of this and it was overwhelming. Spending just 15 mins a day is all this course takes …. and when I asked if I felt worthy enough to spend 15 mins a day to help myself and make a change, I already knew the answer. Thank you Anna for putting The Week of Worth together. I feel transformed.

Suzanne Ridgway (verified owner)  

Great course Anna, thank you! Quick and affordable, it’s like a ‘grab and go’ course!

Really eye opening for me, and great tips on how to carry what you’ve learnt into every day life.

Thanks Anna, you’re amazing!


The Week on Worth Course Student (verified owner)  

I’ve just sat and completed day one. I did not realise quite how low my self worth was! I knew that it wasn’t great. I’ve felt at the edge of a change for a long time but never quite made the first move. I hope this is it!


The Week on Worth Course Student (verified owner)  

It’s like you are inside my head….everything resonates. I guess I didn’t even realise my self esteem was an issue, it’s like a lighbulb. Thank you for making such an amazing resource affordable and relatable.

The Week on Worth Course Student (verified owner)  

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for releasing your week on worth course. I’m only 4 days in but I have learnt so much about myself already and why I treat and approach people and life situations in the way I do. I am just so greatful to have been able to access this course to help my knowledge of what my self worth status is and how I can improve it. Thank you

Lynette (verified owner)  

After reading day 1 of the course, I felt like my eyes had been opened to the many things I do (or don’t do) which damage my self esteem daily. I had not realised the extent of the small neglects of my own needs until I saw it in black and white. Far to many of the examples resonated. Although this was difficult to realise it made me feel hopeful and encouraged to take steps towards better self care across many areas in my life.

The course is beautifully written with so many practical tips and analogies which really drive home Anna’s points. I am taking small steps each day to show myself my worth and intend to continue this. Thank you Anna not only for this but for your wonderful podcast and instagram page x


Katie (verified owner)  

Thank you Anna, This course has really helped me.

After beating myself up alot mentally, i knew something had to change and reading this has really helped me understand what i need to do to help myself.
I would read it each night, it was so easy to read and flowed so effortlessly and felt like i was listening to a friend. The next day i would feel l had the tools to be able to put it into practice and its already helped frame my mind in a way that I’m so much kinder to myself.

Thank you


The Week on Worth Course Student (verified owner)  

This course has been hugely impactful for me. Highly recommended for anyone to be honest, you don’t have to struggle with self worth to benefit from the course content.


Sarah (verified owner)  

This week of worth course was great! The act if spending £15 on myself and then 15 minutes a day on myself was a huge step in itself but has proved to be worth it. There is so much easy to understand information packed into this course that I was genuinely looking forward to the next day.
It was priceless in the end and I am now deciding which of the other courses I will do first.


Alex (verified owner)  

I can’t recommend this course enough…well I do I actually recommend it to everyone! I’ve bought copies for my friend and my mum as I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t benefit from spending 15 minutes a day focussing on their self worth. It has made a profound difference on how I see and treat myself, and it’s something I will keep going back to and revisiting on my journey. I cannot thank Anna enough for creating such a thoughtful, helpful and quite frankly life changing course for such a reasonable price (I think the price shows what a kind person Anna is in making the course accessible to most people)
Thanks so much Anna, from a tired mum of a toddler who is finally making some time to take care of herself x


Carly (verified owner)  

Fantastic. Currently working through a lifetime of issues. This has been an eye opener and so much help and support in so many ways. Absolutely recommend this course to everyone, whether your issues are deep rooted, long term or new and annoying this course will absolutely make a difference to how you see everything. Reframing anxiety here I come.


Sarah Dockery  

After spending years seeking help from counselors and friends and receiving very kindly meant, but in the end unhelpful assertions of bewilderment at my feelings, and encouragmet to stop feeling so worthless. I appreciated the encouragement, but it never changed the way I felt about myself. This course has been such a gift. It provides the tools I’ve been looking for and yet could never find. I feel as if I can easily apply what I’ve learned. After finishing the course I’m feeling so much more positive that I have the chance at a future that’s a whole lot brighter. Thank you Anna!


Course student (verified owner)  

After struggling all my life with low self worth, I can now confidently say, I am worth the same as everybody else. That to me is a huge shift in my mindset. I started CBT therapy to address a lifetime of hurt and trauma but alongside it I have listened to Anna’s kind words on Instagram and then decided to complete this course. I would highly recommend this course as it has given me additional tools to use and my self worth has gradually improved over time by practising being kinder to myself. My inner dialogue has improved immensely and I no longer hate myself and I have started to use my voice and have boundaries with people. I am now doing the people pleasing course and that has added to my confidence and self worth. Thank you so much Anna. I’m so glad I did this course.


Tory Lugsden  

The best thing I have ever, ever done. I’m confident and outgoing and whirl through life and then lockdown, loss of work, home school just took away every sense of my own ability away. This made me realise that I’ve got to value me sometimes and made me sit down and think about it. Thank you so, so much, it gave me myself back.


Anon (verified owner)  

Anna, you literally hit the nail of the head every single time you post something on social media. I feel like you somehow get inside my head, and make sense of and articulate all of my scrambled, unclear, and unprocessed thoughts and feelings. I read your posts and everything suddenly clicks and makes sense…I feel so heard.

I recently did your week on worth course and it was genuinely life changing. I can say hand on heart it has transformed me, the way I think about things, and as a result my marriage. I have begun to make sense of so much, and have taken steps to address things (without feeling guilty!).
Thank you.


Barbara S (verified owner)  

I am part of a mastermind group of ladies in business and last week we embarked on your week of worth course. Well what a transformation it has been! I honestly cannot thank you enough.

I do lots of self development and mindset work and I have now realised that everything else I have endeavoured to do to improve my life has not worked fully because I had not got the foundation right, I had not looked at my worth and how if affects my self esteem.

The week of worth has been enlightening beyond belief. We have all got so much out of the course. It is definitely the best and most life changing £25 I have ever spent.
I thank you so much for creating the course, your style and your way of getting to the heart of the matter.

It has been a roller coaster week, clearing some past events and relationships that I thought had long gone, realising all the little mind things I am doing to myself.

My mind has improved immensely and so now will my life. Thank you.

Get ready for lightbulb moments

Our self-worth is the foundation upon which our lives our built. It determines the decisions we make, the boundaries we place, the relationships we have and how confident we feel in ourselves.

We invest so much energy trying to improve ourselves. Yet good habits often fall by the wayside because we cannot self-develop our way to self-worth.

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