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I have bought both your courses and am half way through People Pleasing, and the combination of these and Anna’s Instagram content has given me such insight into what these thoughts were and helped me find a way to deal with them.

I have just completed two flights for the first time in my life having any sort of control over intrusive thoughts – thanks to Anna. This meant for the first time I allowed myself to look forward to a holiday and believe I would be OK.

I expect I will refer back to both courses for guidance through different stages of my life going forwards, I’m so grateful for the understanding they have given me.


Mrs M  

I have just completed these courses both 3 weeks each but I took longer as I really wanted to practice the techniques given in each book.

Because of this I am finally, after so many years, Confident in controlling my anxiety rather than my anxiety controlling me.

I can’t thank Anna enough. These two courses have helped me in so many ways. I understand myself more than I ever have done before. I have a different outlook on self care, I am able to use Anna’s techniques which help so much to defuse my anxious moments/ thoughts.

Looking through my journal from when I first began the combined course, too where I am now is eye opening.

I am proud of myself & how far I have come in such a short time. Everyone should have this feeling… being proud & confident of moving forward. It’s an on going process but with these courses to fall back on and use I feel content.


Sara (verified owner)  

I worked through the reframing anxiety course and the people pleasing course over a few weeks and it has been an invaluable experience. The sessions are well structured and Anna’s words are insightful, making me feel understood and providing useful techniques to practise. Along with the journaling every other day, I have already started to change my habits. I know better how to deal with anxious thoughts and now have the techniques to address these and improve my thinking. I am already beginning to build my confidence in being kinder to myself. The course will stay with me, and I will continue to follow your Instagram and this for your fantastic posts. Thank you so much.

Get ready for lightbulb moments

Our self-worth is the foundation upon which our lives our built. It determines the decisions we make, the boundaries we place, the relationships we have and how confident we feel in ourselves.

We invest so much energy trying to improve ourselves. Yet good habits often fall by the wayside because we cannot self-develop our way to self-worth.

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