Start Where You Are

I’ve been thinking about how often we delay doing things that will benefit us somehow because we tell ourselves that we need to be a in a certain physical or mental headspace first. I’m terrible at this. As you’ve seen in my stories and posts, I’ve had a rough time recently and I KNOW that there are things I can do that would help with my mental health (namely eating better and exercising – both things I usually love investing in)…but I keep telling myself I’ll start tomorrow. Slow sabotage. Sabotage in the ongoing behaviour, but also sabotage in the constant delay of change.Change is always a challenge in some way. Always.

We may think, I can’t face the gym until I’ve lost some weight. I will start to try and think better, eat better in January. I’ll change things tomorrow when I feel more energised, if I feel better about myself.

You are worth making changes, moving, doing, starting now. Not when you are thinner, happier, more energised. Not when it’s sunnier or when the New Year clock chimes midnight. The you that you are NOW, is worth making the changes you need to make.

To keep putting off making kind and positive changes is to procrastinate our way into self-sabotage where things pass us by. Things get harder and worse, and then we end up making changes out of hitting a messy rock-bottom rather than a motivation for self-care and investment.

Tone it down. Baby steps. Make it bite size. Take one day, one moment, one second at a time if that’s what you need. No wonder you keep putting it off if you’re facing a mountain. Be kind in the goals you’re setting.

To act is an act of self-love. And if self-love feels an alien concept, do it anyway and choose to trust that making changes will actually feed into a new cycle of worth.

So, lovely one, start where you are now. I’ll try too.


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