The Week on Worth Course

The Week on Worth Course is coming very soon. I am making post-pilot stage tweaks and it is currently being copy edited and designed. I cannot wait for you to have it.

The cost of the course will be £15.

What is the course about?

So often we try to make changes. We know that certain things are good for us, that they help us stay healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally.

So why do these changes feel so hard to make? Why do good habits fall so quickly by the wayside?

Worth. It all comes down to worth.

When we strip away the onion layers of good-intention, the real barrier all along, has been that we fundamentally don’t believe we are worth good things.

We’ve been trying to self-improve our way to self-acceptance.

We’ve been trying to positive-mental-attitude our way to worth.

In this course, we’re going to take steps to rediscover yours.



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