Here you’ll find more information on three courses I have written for you.

The courses are:

  • Self guided
  • Take 5-15 minutes of your time per day
  • Downloadable, printable PDF format
  • Packed with practical tips and light bulb moments
  • Containing in-depth texts to read, and guided-journal points
  • Based on grounded psychotherapeutic insight, clinical work and anecdotal experience

These courses aren’t just a wealth of professional and personal insight, these concepts have changed my own life and I feel confident that they will benefit you too. Have a read through the course information and reviews and drop me an email if you have any further questions.

Credentials: I am an accredited member the British Association of Counselling and Psychology, and hold a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have had almost 10 years of experience in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts. 


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