Coaching and Therapy

‘Anna’s personal and professional perspective on problems was really refreshing. I would definitely book in again’ – Coaching client


I am currently on Maternity leave and taking a short break from Coaching and Therapy

I am an experienced and accredited BACP Psychotherapist offering  SKYPE/PHONE coaching sessions for those wanting to discuss their mental wellbeing.

Coaching sessions are perfect for lunch breaks and extra support on anxiety filled days. These sessions are structured and can be based on any topic you wish. It might just be an emotional ‘check in’ or a little refresh to top up on some positive coping mechanisms. We begin by discussing the presenting issue in brief. The remainder of your session is spent psycho-educating and signposting. I will provide you with some top-level insight into your situation, along with specific tips and exercises. By the end of the 50 minute session, we will have determined a bespoke plan of action for you.

Coaching sessions are practical, proactive and conversational. I do not encourage exploration of deep or historic emotional content in these sessions.The aim is that you will feel hopeful and empowered to seek further support if necessary, with a better idea of where to find it. These coaching sessions provide an insight into what it might feel like to talk to a therapist, whilst also equipping with valuable self-help tools. You can email me some background prior to our session if you wish. See below for personal reviews.

The cost is £80 for a full 50 minute session and must be prepaid via PayPal. 

Please contact me here to arrange. 

These sessions are quick and easy to arrange, You prepay simply using my email address and provide me with your preferred phone number. I will call at the agreed time. You are welcome to book a repeated session if you wish, but if you feel a need for more, I would recommend that you invest in a course of therapy with someone local to you where things can be explored in further depth.

I run a private practice from my home and have worked in a large variety of contexts, from GP surgery to Harley St District practice. My particular interests are in anxiety, depression as well as pre and post-natal mental health issues. 

Reviews from recent clients:

Brilliant non judgemental session, Thank you.

Anna, you literally changed my life through our coaching session! I’m now going in a direction I’m *much* happier with, and it’s reduced my stress levels by far. I wouldn’t have done that if not for our session. Thank you!

It helped me make sense of the issues I’d been experiencing and gave me practical advice and renewed energy to make changes. So glad I tried it. 

Anna has completely changed my outlook on my mental health, her positivity is infectious.

The session with Anna was brilliant. She explained my circumstances from a fresh perspective and answered all my questions in a clear and relatable way. 

Whilst it feels like you’re talking to someone familiar because of her online presence, you still have that distance you don’t have when talking to a family member or friend.

Her personal and professional perspective on problems was really refreshing. I would definitely book in again.

Anna was extremely easy to talk to, compassionate and empathetic. She gave me some very helpful techniques and ways of moving forward to becoming a less anxious person.

I’m so pleased that we scheduled our coaching session, it lifted the post trauma fog that had been there for over a year. I’m so grateful.


I run Instagram lives. They last for an hour and we discuss anything from trauma to the physiology of anxiety. I respond to people’s specific queries in a manner that can benefit the majority of attendees in some way. I share both professional insight and personal experience. My desire is that people will feel more confident in sharing things with others, find support in one another, and get an insight into what therapy may feel like for them. I signpost and educate, share self-help tips and direct people to apps, books and other mental health services.

Speaking Engagements

I have a lot experience in, and enjoy public speaking. I have spoken in a variety of contexts for groups up to 1,500 people. Common topics include anxiety, self-worth and self-dialogue. My style is warm, interactive and approachable. I have spoken at many women’s conferences and facilitated groups and activities that run alongside the talk content. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss any speaking events, please visit the contact section of my page, 

Private Psychotherapy Practice

I run a private practice from home. To find out more or to contact me for weekly sessions, please visit my professional website here.