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I am Anna, a mum of two young boys living in Surrey! Here are some of the things I love:


I am an accredited and experienced BACP Psychotherapist (find my professional website here. I run a private practice from my home, although I’ve worked in many settings previously from Brixton GP surgery to running a busy practice on Wimpole Street. My main interest is working with women battling anxiety and depression of any form. I run weekly ‘Mental Health’ lives on Instagram, where we discuss these topics in the light of my  professional and personal experience. I am often open, sharing my own story in the hopes that others will be inspired to do so too. Psycho-education is a big passion of mine as I believe that knowing yourself and understanding your own processes is a huge part of enabling change.


I love to write, blog, muse through poetry. I’ve always written and have written many guest blogs and even a couple of published books! I write courses and articles and am often called as a professional contributor. Please contact me if you’d like me to guest write for yours.


I also LOVE yoga, exercise, healthy eating and unhealthy eating. I love holidays and coffee and bright clothes. I love tassels and pom-poms and dancing around the living room with the kids to rap. I love supporting small businesses and talking with mums. I love walking through the Surrey countryside, getting muddy and messy. I love making pancakes and adding things to cooking that aren’t in the recipe. I love speaking at conferences and speaking on the phone. I love Instagram and telling stories. I love breaking some of the rules but not all of them. I love wearing bright lipstick at inappropriate times. I love overdressing and wearing dungarees. I love sitting with people, hearing their stories and knowing that perhaps I can make a difference somehow.